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What people say about us

Feedback from teachers

"We would like to thank you for supporting our year 11 Geography students over the Easter holidays with the intervention sessions that were gratefully received. The students all commented on the positive environment and engaging activities as well as the rich resources that they came away with."

Ms A Ruse, Headteacher, Twickenham Academy, London

"Last year we ran the programme for our Year 7s and 8s and the impact on the individual students was significant: their enthusiasm and commitment to their studies was impressive. The consultants from Twenty Twenty Learning provided high-quality, engaging sessions taking care of all aspects of the administration of the programme and keeping the school fully informed of progress. The fact that this year we have extended the programme to our Year 1os is testimony to its success."

Mr S Knight, Headteacher, The Helena Romanes School and Sixth Form Centre, Essex

"It is most rewarding to see that the students value what we are doing here. I asked them last week if there was anything else that we could do to support them in their exams. Their answer was ‘no.’ "

Mr L Bryant, Head of Sixth Form, Drapers' Academy, Essex

"May I take this opportunity to thank you for delivering The Big Idea this year at The Deanes. The impact data taken from both assessments clearly demonstrates remarkable progress over the course of the intervention. It was clear from the outset our students got a real sense of enjoyment from the sessions; this is particularly impressive as Maths is a subject these Year 7 students struggle to engage with in their normal lessons. We look forward to working with you again next year."

Mrs L Stroud, Deputy Principal, The Deanes School, Essex

"“Our students found the Literacy and Numeracy programmes extremely beneficial and enjoyable, due to the high quality and well planned teaching programme. At the end of the programme the students were able to identify clear areas in which they had made progress and reported they felt more confident in tackling Numeracy and Literacy tasks independently. We will be using 20-20 learning again to support the progress of some of our Catch Up students.”"

Mr M Upward, SENCO, The Bromfords School, Essex

"The sessions were well planned and offered a very clear and useful focus upon preparation for the examinations. The school negotiated what was required with Twenty Twenty Learning and so the sessions were directly relevant. The consultants who delivered the material were very professional in their dealings with the students. Our students were very positive indeed in their evaluation of the event."

Mr I Parsons, English Teacher, Highdown School and Sixth Form Centre, Berkshire

"What a fantastic day! Students were enthused by the range of dynamic activities and high quality resources. The tutors from Twenty Twenty Learning are outstanding classroom practitioners and engaged each and every student throughout the day. It was great to watch our students making rapid progress and even better to pick up a few tips ourselves! We will definitely be using the services of Twenty Twenty Learning again. I have never come across a company so dedicated to providing exactly what teachers know their students need. Thank you!"

Head of English, The Averley School, Thurrock

The bespoke nature of the workshop meant that it really complemented the work I had already done with the group. My students came back full of confidence and with a new eagerness to engage with their subject material. Thank you."

Teacher, Secondary School, South London

At the end of every workshop, we spend 5 minutes asking students to fill out a short evaluation form answering questions about the day. Not only do these help us to improve, they also demonstrate to our customers that the experience has been worthwhile and we’ve had a lasting impact. The evaluations are processed and returned to you within 5 working days. Below are a collection of real testimonials from various workshops we have delivered recently. Happy reading!

Feedback from students

Bob explained everything in such a way that it was easy to understand and helped me a lot to even understand topics I hadn’t known before hand – it was very good."

"It was useful revising topics that are particularly hard and can be easily forgotten. It was explained in a helpful way and I feel I learned a lot that I had previously no clue about. Bob has been excellent!"

"The slow, breaking down of each section helped me to understand the subject better as well as the balancing equation practice."

GCSE Science Workshop, Colchester Academy

“Learning about ‘distractors’ enables me to be more aware of words that may throw me off-balance. This means I’ll be able to get the right answer, rather than the wrong answer.”

"It was particularly useful understanding how to spot the distractions and score full marks; know how to analyse long texts; use a variety of revision techniques to help better learning; Alison told us about a useful website."

"Alison ran through the speaking and listening paper and also she helped me answer any question I had. She was also helpful by going into detail about each topic we covered today."

GCSE Spanish Workshop, Evelyn Grace Academy

“If I didn’t understand something we would go over it again until it was understood. It was a very enjoyable experience.”

"Using people’s answers helped me a lot during today and I will use this as part of my revision."

"The workshop made me realise what I do and don’t know and what I need to revise. I think having done this revision session it will boost my grade."

GCSE History Workshop, Hellesdon High School

“George was really useful and he helped me. A very good teacher, he made everything simple and easy.”

"[The programme] was amazing and I would love to do it again."

The Big Idea, The Deanes School

“Good, relaxed style with positive ethos. Overall it was very enjoyable and the flip charts were awesome!”

"The step-by-step walk through on how to answer the questions was very beneficial."

"Everything was broken down so today will help me when it comes to my future exams."

GCSE English Workshop, St Thomas More Catholic School

“The teachers really helped me to realise that I’m capable of doing something I was very unsure about. This has had a good effect on my revision and motivated me to do work at home.”

"I learnt to accept and understand different teachers and their ways of teaching. I would like more sessions."

Code Red Maths Intervention, Lilian Baylis Technology School

“I have enjoyed the way the resources book has helped me to condense facts and figures, we went over many things and I feel more confident about them.”

"The workshop has been useful, it has enabled me to gain a deeper insight on what the examiners expect me to include in the exam. Going over exam past questions has also helped me to structure them."

A-Level Sociology Workshop, St Thomas More Catholic School

“It has been useful learning about power and how to calculate it, I now feel more confident and ready for my exam.”

"I now feel really confident about Sankey diagrams and can draw them accurately."

"The booklets were useful, especially as I will be able to revise from it and I enjoyed working in a group. "

GCSE Science Workshop, Haywood Academy

“There is nothing you could do to make it better. I want to do it again and be a forensic scientist!”

"I would like to thank all the members of the Twenty Twenty Learning team for helping me and teaching me lots of things about becoming a good CSI [agent]. I would like to say that this was an amazing experience and a great way to spend my week."

"The CSI summer school is brilliant. I hope you can do it again next year."

Crime Scene Investigation Summer School, Beauchamps High School

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