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A 5-day booster for Year 10 students

Who is Project 5-in-5 for?

Project 5 is for students in Year 10 or 11, identified as most likely to benefit from intensive, targeted intervention. Following an in-depth consultation and baseline testing, your five full-day workshops will, kickstart your students’ GCSE success. At the end of every programme, we create a bespoke, Ofsted-ready report which details exactly how your students have progressed, with recommendations for future improvement.

Project 5-in-5 stages of success

How does Project 5-in-5 work?

How is Project 5-in-5 effective?

GCSE Intervention We start by establishing an adult working environment: expectations are high, groundrules promote respect and students are treated as ‘delegates’. This approach encourages students to ask questions, to take risks, and to understand that making mistakes is a vital part of being successful. In raising your students’ aspirations, the desire to fulfil their potential drives the success of the intervention.

Schools we work with tell us that one of their greatest challenges is to get disaffected students to believe they can achieve a higher grade. The supportive methods used by our highly experienced Learning Facilitators will ensure that your students are noticeably more confident at the end of each day. Through intense skill and knowledge development, stringent gap analysis and a personal coaching style, each of the full day workshops are a step closer to the realisation that each student can fulfil their potential in the GCSE exam.

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