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Making the grade with our Resit-Ready Workshops

Our resit workshops cover all the essential skills needed to succeed at GCSE. We can provide one-day workshops for students that that may just need a little extra help in crossing the line, or intensive three-day interventions for those really struggling to make the grade.

The reformed GCSE grades and changes to school league tables are expected to increase the number of students needing to resit examinations this year.

We know from experience that resits, for students and staff alike, can be stressful. Students often feel demoralised and worried about the extra workload, and your teachers face additional pressure if their focus is drawn away from exam-preparation for their new Year 11 cohort.

Reduce the pressure and free up the time

If you are concerned about your staff having to invest additional time and resources into preparing students for resits, let us ease the burden. Our specialist team of educational consultants have the knowledge and expertise to plan workshops guaranteed to raise your students’ attainment to the GCSE grade they need.

Our GCSE workshops are not like normal lessons – this is key to our success in raising attainment. We recognise that spending a full-day with twenty-five students has very different demands, especially if it is subject they find particularly challenging.

Our workshops are always incredibly high-energy – activities are short, stimulating and interactive to ensure students remain engaged and focused. Our effective Learning Facilitators are specialists in motivation – we will build your students’ confidence and equip them with the skills and techniques required to achieve a grade 4 or above in their GCSE resit examination.

One day Resit workshops

Your full-day English or Maths workshop will last approximately five hours, for up to 20 students, and is always planned around your normal school timetable.

Your workshop will be active, engaging and tailored to meet your students' needs. We fully understand that you’re not just investing in us, but in your students, and it's crucial they are able to demonstrate a clear improvement in their knowledge and ability at the end of the day.

Your students will each receive a personalised, full-colour resource booklet, filled with leading-edge activities and exercises. Everything needed for the workshop is supplied; we don’t want anything to interrupt your students’ learning.

Sample English Page Sample Maths Page Sample Science Page

Three day Resit interventions

Your three-day English or Maths intervention will tackle all the core topics required for GCSE success. We want to improve your students’ knowledge, boost their confidence, and motivate them ahead of the exam.

Your intensive programme will be tailored to your exam board, specification and tier, ensuring your students will know exactly what to expect in their resit.

Your teachers and Heads of Department will be informed of the students’ progress, and provided with the results of end-of-topic tests. Our ethos is to add real, lasting value for each student who participates in one of our programmes. However, it’s equally important for us that you feel the benefit of our partnership, are happy with your investment and confident of improvement in your results.

Your students will have the opportunity to shape the course. We know that to be completely resit-ready, students need to feel confident tackling the topics that most challenged them in the summer exams. We encourage input from individuals within the intervention, to ensure we’re covering the areas they’re most concerned about. We also offer unlimited support via email or social media to address any queries your students might have, to give them the best possible chance of improving their grade.

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