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Make this summer count

We ran our very first summer school back in 2005, and have worked extremely hard to improve and adapt our programmes to meet the changing demands of secondary education for transitional students every year since.

We are completely flexible with the duration of our summer school programmes – we plan every element around your needs to guarantee we’re making a genuine, lasting impact. Please click here to view our summer schools flyer.

The transitional summer school for Year 7 students

Space Exploration Summer SchoolThe transition from primary to secondary school is a huge step in every student’s life. They move into a new environment, make new friends and explore the dynamic range of subjects secondary school has to offer.

The experience shouldn’t be daunting but for some students the level of expectation becomes a bit too much. We want to work with you to prepare your students – educating them, enthusing them and ensuring they are ready to embark on this new challenge. Our programmes focus on improving students’ academic skills through a variety of fully interactive, fun, visual and auditory skills-based learning activities.

What do our summer school programmes include?

  Diagnostic assessments and detailed feedback at the beginning and end of each programme to support your students’ development throughout the week/fortnight

  Enhancing literacy and numeracy skills through fully interactive, visual and auditory skills-based learning activities

  Leading edge, stimulating teaching and learning resources, including full-colour workshop booklets

  Exciting, energising enrichment activities including sports, music, and art projects and full/half day excursions to theatres, museums, or higher education institutions

  Further opportunities to provide teaching support and resources to maintain advanced standards of learning and development

Why are these summer schools important?

Ofsted have identified that the transitional period from finishing primary to starting secondary education impacts the performance of individual students. Our programmes aim to counteract this by providing both a catch-up of core skills and progress-measurable preparation for the secondary school curriculum.

Independent learning, GCSE (9-1) exam preparation and Sixth Form induction

The summer months are a window of opportunity to prepare for the autumn term, especially for students moving to Key Stages 4 and 5. We aim to foster independence in your students, to give them both the tools and motivation to take control of their own learning and future success.

We strongly believe that in learning to learn – developing critical-thinking, essential skills of review, setting personal learning goals and more – students are not only better equipped to achieve the national benchmark of at least three levels of progress across secondary school, but possess all the skills required to reach their potential in the new programmes of study at GCSE and A level.

Curriculum enrichment workshops

Challenging students to think beyond the curriculum is invaluable preparation for post-secondary education, and gives individuals the opportunity to explore new areas of interest. We offer a wide variety of summer enrichment workshops, including Creative Writing for aspiring novelists, healthy-eating to promote individual wellbeing, and Money Management to tackle financial literacy. Alternatively, we’d love to work with you to create an entirely new programme if you have a bespoke theme or topic in mind.

Summer School Case Studies

Downham Market Academy – Heroes and Villains

Twenty Twenty Learning worked in partnership with Heroes and Villains Summer SchoolDownham Market Academy to provide a unique Heroes and Villains themed summer school to a select group of Key Stage 3 students, over a two week period.

The aim of the summer school was to develop the students’ literacy and numeracy skills through a broad range of engaging and interactive learning activities, all centred around the Heroes and Villains theme.

Heroes and Villains Summer SchoolDuring the fortnight, students created their own hero/villain name and identity, produced life-size character cut-outs, used iPads to produce a blockbuster hero or villain movie-trailerand engaged in a fiercely contested hero vs. villain superiority debate!.

“Thanks for everything, especially Helen because she pushed me and encouraged me. I have really enjoyed my time here.”

Beauchamps High School – Crime Scene Investigation

Crime Scene Investigation Summer SchoolOver the course of the week-long programme Beauchamps students were transformed into budding forensic scientists: analysing crime scenes, collecting evidence, taking fingerprints and solving mysteries, all the while improving their communication and memory skills.

The final day of the summer school saw students taking part in a murder mystery theatre. Teams had to identify which cast member of a theatre group had poisoned and murdered one of the ensemble, and for what motive. The day concluded with a CSI graduation ceremony, whereby students were able to present their work to both parents and peers.

Crime Scene Investigation Summer School“I have really enjoyed this week as it has been both interesting and fun. I had fun solving crimes with my friends and getting an extra week to spend with them. It was very exciting and would definitely recommend this to anyone interested.”

“I would like to say thank you to all the 20-20 learning team for teaching and helping me. The whole experience was amazing and probably a once in a life time opportunity but I would like to do it again!”

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