Key Stage 4

All about attainment! From 5-day intensive programmes for the core subjects to one day exam preparation workshops for (almost) every GCSE subject, we will work with you and your students to achieve their potential.

Our design team works with each exam specification to create workshops focusing on specific topics and targets grades to ensure the very best learning experiences for your students.

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Personalised GCSE workshops

Raising attainment

We have enjoyed an excellent partnership with TwentyTwenty Learning for several years now. The workshops they offer are an integral part of our booster programme, not just for students who need a final ‘push’ before the exam, but also for those students who are excelling in a subject and could reach the very highest marks. Twenty Twenty Learning listen carefully to our students, work hard to get to know them quickly and respond to their needs. We cannot recommend them highly enough.”  Emma Webb, Assistant Principal (Progress and Achievement), Hellesdon High School

We are pleased to be able to offer you a range of online learning products which will contribute to your students’ skills, knowledge and overall attainment in GCSE core subjects.

This initial range of online ‘virtual’ lesson programmes accommodates groups of up to 15 students and can be used for topic coverage, catch-up and review/revise purposes. We have limited these programmes to 15 students as there is extensive evidence supporting the impact of high-quality, small group tuition (see the Education Endowment Foundation, Covid-19 Support for Schools).

Each programme includes: 4 x 1hr ‘live’ lessons, a course booklet delivered to the home addresses of your students and a register of attendees sent to you after each workshop.

The programmes can be delivered during school hours, from 4.30-6.30pm in the evenings, on Saturdays or in holidays.

Programmes are targeted at students aiming for Level 4-5 or students aiming for 5-6 in English, Maths and Science. Please specify target grades when booking.

We will be adding to these programmes in response to your requests, please email or use the chat icon to discuss ideas for further online programmes in subjects across the curriculum.

During the difficult times of Covid-19, Twenty Twenty Learning has been extremely important in allowing us to continue to engage with students across our region via online learning programmes. They have been able to successfully adapt a number of student workshops to maintain their engagement from home through online learning; providing fully interactive workshops delivered by experienced and engaging facilitators and fantastic hardcopy materials to support students with their learning.”  Emily Flores, Project Leader, Solent University

Project 5:

A five-day booster for your GCSE students
(English, Maths or Science)

Project 5 is for students in Years 10 and 11, identified as most likely to benefit from intensive, targeted intervention (maximum 15 students in a group). Following base-line testing, invigilated by Twenty Twenty Learning, your 5 full-day workshop programme will build your students’ skills, knowledge and confidence.

We start by establishing an adult working environment: expectations are high, groundrules promote respect and students are delegates.  Students are encouraged to take risks, question and challenge, and understand that making mistakes is a vital part of being successful.

Schools we work with tell us that one of their greatest challenges is to get disaffected students to believe that they can achieve a higher grade.  The supportive methods used by our highly experienced consultants will ensure that your students are noticeably more confident at the end of the programme.  Through intense skill and knowledge development, stringent gap analysis and a personal coaching style, each of the five steps is a step closer to the realisation that each student can fulfil their potential.

Core Subject Carousel

GCSE success with our Core Subject Carousel

An immensely practical day of GCSE English, Maths and Science revision, split into three ninety minute sessions. Designed to raise attainment and boost exam confidence, each session will be planned around specific topics chosen by your Heads of Department for maximum impact. We will provide three outstanding learning facilitators to deliver intensive, engaging workshops, each for up to 20 students.

  1. 3 x 90 minute revision sessions in English, Maths and Science
  2. Exceptional teaching from our team of dedicated education consultants
  3. Stimulating, interactive presentations and leading-edge practical resources
  4. Personalised, full-colour work booklets filled with revision exercises and tips
  5. Unlimited support via email, phone or social media right up until the exam period

Resit-Ready workshops

Making the grade with our Resit-Ready Workshops

Our resit workshops cover all the essential skills needed to succeed at GCSE. We can provide one-day workshops for students that may just need a little extra help in crossing the line, or intensive three-day interventions for those really struggling to make the grade.

We know from experience that resits, for students and staff alike, can be stressful. Students often feel demoralised and worried about the extra workload, and your teachers face additional pressure if their focus is drawn away from exam-preparation for their new Year 11 cohort.

If you are concerned about your staff having to invest additional time and resources into preparing students for resits, let us ease the burden. Our specialist team of educational consultants have the knowledge and expertise to plan workshops guaranteed to raise your students’ attainment to the GCSE grade they need.

Our GCSE workshops are not like normal lessons – this is key to our success in raising attainment. We recognise that spending a full-day with twenty students has very different demands, especially if it is subject they find particularly challenging.

Our workshops are always incredibly high-energy – activities are short, stimulating and interactive to ensure students remain engaged and focused. Our effective Learning Facilitators are specialists in motivation – we will build your students’ confidence and equip them with the skills and techniques required to achieve a grade 4 or above in their GCSE resit examination.

Study Skills for GCSE

Building the framework for GCSE success…

GCSEs are tough. You know it, we know it, and your KS4 students will soon know it. There’s more pressure than ever to succeed – are they ready?

A fresh look at revision skills will give your students the impetus they need to get started on their exam preparation journey now. Knowing how to revise will increase their confidence, enthusiasm and directly impact on their results.

Our study skills workshop can be tailored to students in Years 9, 10 or 11. We want to equip them with a variety of skills to help them succeed at GCSE level – we will teach them how to approach their GCSEs holistically, with their very own independent learning ‘toolkit’.

Our aims are simple: to demonstrate the difference between Key Stage 3 and 4; to equip your students with the skills they need to carry out effective independent learning; and to prepare them in the best possible way for the GCSE programme ahead.

Our specialist team are able to work with individual classes or entire year groups. Each student receives a colour resource booklet filled with activities, exercises and top tips to work through on the day and keep for revision or further independent study. Our Study Skills workshops work best if students are seated in a cafe or cabaret style, subject to space/venue availability.

Annabel’s personal tips really helped because it demonstrated that creativity really can help. I found the SWOT chart very helpful, as seeing my strengths and weaknesses written down helped to enforce them.”  Year 10 Student, Southfields School, Kettering